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The hidden tiger illusion by "Rusty" Rust

Can you spot the hidden tiger in this painting? 
Yes, we know that there's a tiger smack-dab in the foreground of this stunning painting by artist Donald L. "Rusty" Rust, but there's more to this tableau than meets the eye. Within the scene, the hidden tiger is waiting for you to discover it. Scroll down for the full image.
In addition to this illusion and similar visual puzzles, Rust also paints circus scenes, portraits, and a variety of landscapes. His preferred medium is oil painting, and according to his website, "realism is his style, but he wants to take the collector's imagination one step further." Are you ready to find the hidden tiger? Here's the painting:
Are you ready for the answer? Scroll down!
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February 16   ·  
Since its creation in 2003, the 'spinning dancer' illusion has sparked heated debates. As it turns out, the mysterious silhouette may hold the key to figuring out how our brains interpret what we see.
February 12   ·  
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February 6   ·